Fundraising – 36 Hours in a Cardboard Box

Join us in supporting the courageous and adventurous explorers of The Sloths Explorer Unit, aged 14 to 18, as they embark on a remarkable mission from the 10th to the 12th of November! These dedicated young explorers are about to push their limits in a truly unique way: they will spend an entire 36 hours inside cardboard box houses, all for a noble cause – raising funds for their summer camp in 2024.

Imagine it: building their own cardboard box homes, creating unforgettable memories, and taking on various activities, challenges, and even sharing meals within these makeshift dwellings. They’ll only have a designated time for toilet breaks, making this an even more incredible feat of endurance and camaraderie.

But it doesn’t end there; each intrepid explorer is also taking on the challenge of earning their fundraising badge, which requires them to raise £500. These funds are crucial to ensuring their incredible summer adventure becomes a reality. Your support can make all the difference in helping them achieve this goal.

When you contribute, you’re not just supporting a group; you’re backing individual explorers who have their unique stories and aspirations. If you happen to know the name of the explorer you’re donating for, please include their first name and the initial of their last name in the message. This way, we can link your generous donation directly to the explorer you’re supporting.

For example: “John S.”

We’ll keep you updated throughout this remarkable journey via our social media channels, allowing you to witness firsthand the determination, creativity, and resilience of these young explorers.

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To facilitate this fundraising effort, our dedicated partnership group, The 14th Walthamstow Scout Group, has been selected as the charity responsible for managing the funds. Rest assured, every penny raised will be exclusively designated for the benefit of these enthusiastic explorers.

Your support is the key to making their dream summer camp a reality. Join us in empowering these young adventurers to embrace challenges, discover their potential, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Together, we can help them reach new heights and explore the world around them. Donate today and be a part of their extraordinary journey!

You can donate directly to the fundraiser by visiting the GoFundMe Page here:

NameRaised Via Go FundMeRaise Via Other MethodsTotal Raised (£500 Target)
Alex M£45£0£45
Alfie M£80£0£80
Amelia W£50£0£50
Chloe G£0£0£0
Coco WB£50£0£50
Dylan H£0£0£0
Elena O£150£0£150
Eva P£10£0£10
George E£40£0£40
Grace S£0£0£0
Jack O£260£0£260
Kai M£66£0£66
Lillian D£95£0£95
Lily W£50£0£50
Oscar B£25£0£25
Oscar Esme B£0£0£0
Patrick M£155£0£155
Ryan H£185£0£185
Sarosh B£0£0£0
Thomas M£105£0£105
Alex W£50£0£50
Amanda S£300£0£300
Ben H£30£0£30
Blazej B£10£0£10
Crystal M£0£0£0
Emi F£0£0£0
Freyja B£0£0£0
Joseph E£257£0£257
Lilith P£0£0£0
Martha D£140£0£140
Oscar S£0£0£0
Ryan G£250£0£250
Tormey S£0£0£0