Budget Backwards Cooking!

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Last week we set the explorers the challenge of cooking a meal for their whole team for just £5. They had to come up with a simple meal that could be cooked over a fire and feed 3 people. This week they put that plan into action!

The 4 teams came up with the following meal plans:

  • Burgers in buns with tomatoes.
  • Sausages in buns with a bottle of drink.
  • Sausages in hot dog rolls with halloumi cheese and a bag of carrot sticks.
  • Diced beef with Sweet & Crisp Salad in Pitta Bread with Taziki Dip.

The Leaders went a step further to show that you can do both quality and quantity, cooking up 2 meals. one of 6 tins of hotdogs and buns, and another. of diced been and stir fry.